Pawtrons FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Hours of Operation
Salon: We are open Monday – Friday from 8-4pm and Saturdays 8-2. (We offer two Saturdays a month). Pets can be dropped off as early as 8am, until 1pm. Depending on the dog and services requested, we ask for 3-4 hours to complete your service. Pets are welcome to remain in our day spa after their service are complete, at no additional charge.
Resort: Pets can be dropped off and picked up anytime, Monday- Friday 8am – 2pm. When making reservations, please provide an estimated time of arrival and pickup. When our salon is closed on weekends and holidays we drop off and pick up time is at 8am.

Appointments and Reservations:
We have several ways to schedule appointments. You can call the salon at 804-557-3455 at any time. During peak hours it is loud and difficult to hear so please leave a message and we will return the call within 24 hours.

For more immediate response you can text 804-529-3455 or message us on Facebook.

Salon: All of our services are by appointment only. We recommend scheduling your grooming at least a week in advance, weekends a month in advance. It is best to pre-book your next appointment 4-6 weeks after your last appointment.
Resort: We are available for last minute reservations, but it is best to hold your reservations in advance to guarantee a room, especially around holidays.

Vaccinations: (print out from provider: certificate, receipt)
Salon: We require a proof of Rabies vaccination.
Resort: Must be current on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. Flea prevention is not a requirement, but if fleas or ticks are present, we will treat the pet as needed prior to entering the resort.

Salon: Our prices are based on: type of services requested, size of pet, length and condition of the coat. We can give an estimate at scheduling and a precise amount once we have hands on the pet. Visit our services page for more details!
Resort: We charge by the night, per pet. For small dogs, we use XL size kennel crates; 1-20lb dogs are $20, 21-40lb dogs are $25. All larger dogs will require a Suite (6ft x 3ft) for $30. Customers can request a Suite for any size pet. If a family would like to room together in a suite $45 (limit 2 dogs per suite)

Special Needs:
Salon: We have a variety of shampoos to select from for specific skin and coat needs, including medicated treatments for problematic conditions. Some pets need more specialized attention due to age and anxiety. It is best to schedule later afternoon appointments when the volume is lower and we will assess the condition and temperament of the pet and discuss with you the best plan.

Illness /Injury:
If any illness or unexpected injury occurs we will contact you immediately. Depending on the nature of the incident, and if we are unable to reach you, we will contact our on-call veterinarian.

More about our Resort:
What to Bring: We supply an elevated bed, blankets and bowls. You are welcome to bring special blankets and toys. Some pets have anxiety while being away and may have accidents or chew up things, so try to limit large beds and comforters. Please bring your pets food, snacks and medications. It is best to have all items labeled. There is a refrigerator and microwave for any special diets and we are trained in giving medications, including insulin.

Leisure and Play Time: There are several areas for pets to lounge outside of their rooms. Inside, we have a playroom and two leisure rooms. Outside is fully fenced in with a 6ft privacy fence and four covered kennels. There is a mix of gravel and grass areas for off leash exploring and exercise. Pets are rotated between the play areas and receive multiple trips outside. Their bedrooms are designated for meals and bedtime. For safety reasons, we do not allow play groups. Your pet will see other dogs, but will not play with other dogs. However, families with multiple pets will be allowed for play time together.


If you have any other questions that have not been addressed please call, text, or message us today. We are always eager to put your mind at ease when it comes to caring for your pet!