Grooming Services

Spa Day – Treat Your Dog to a Pawsitively Relaxing Experience!

Our experienced and loving K9 groomers make your pet’s visit both safe and enjoyable!
Start your pet off with our signature Bath & Brush which includes a massaging wash and rinse, blow dry, and brush out. We also throw in a pawdicure, ear cleaning, and gland expression to ensure your pooch is squeaky clean, head to toe!

Short Hair Small- $16 Medium- $20 Large- $30 X-Large- $35
Long Hair Small- $20 Medium- $25 Large- $35 X-Large- $40
Not ready for a full groom? Tidy Up $5-$10
Baths are priced by weight and coat length

Enhance your pups visit an ultimate spa experience with one of our three upgrade packages.

Pick and choose a treatment that fits the needs of your pet. Pamper and style your pet, decrease the seasonal shedding storm, or start a flea and tick treatment to sooth and keep away those itchy pests!

**Pricing Table**
No matter what your pet’s unique needs and desires are, we have dog spa treatments that will hit the spot. A service at our spa is more than just a dog grooming or dog bath. It’s another chance for us to ensure the well-being of your pet!

Please visit our Pawtrons FAQ page for policies for health requirements, pick up/drop off information, and cancellation policies. We keep them simple and all together for your convenience.