Grooming Services

Spa Day – Treat Your Dog to a Pawsitively Relaxing Experience!

Our experienced and loving K9 groomers make your pet’s visit both safe and enjoyable!
Start your pet off with our signature Bath & Brush which includes a massaging wash and rinse, blow dry, and brush out. We also throw in a pawdicure, ear cleaning, and gland expression to ensure your pooch is squeaky clean, head to toe!


Bath – Price varies by size of pet and type of coat. Starting from $18 for a small short hair dog, to $45 for a large pet with long hair.

Grooming – All our grooms include all the services offered with a bath. The prices range depending on breed, coat condition, and type of styling requested. For most small dogs the price starts at $45.

*we can give you a full estimate for the cost of services at check-in

Not ready for a full groom? Tidy up!!

We offer this service to help maintain your pets cleanliness and coat condition. The tidy up grooming also includes the services with a bath, in addition to; a face, feet and sanitary triming. Bath price + $10-15.

Enhance your pups visit for an ultimate spa experience with one of our three upgrade packages.

Pick and choose a treatment that fits the needs of your pet.

Pamper your pet with aromatherapy soaks and facial, decrease the seasonal shedding storm with a mud bath and blow out, or help treat problematic skin conditions with medicated soaks.

No matter what your pet’s unique needs and desires are, we have dog spa treatments that will hit the spot. A service at our spa is more than just a dog grooming or dog bath. It’s another chance for us to ensure the well-being of your pet!

Please visit our Pawtrons FAQ page for policies for health requirements, pick up/drop off information, and cancellation policies. We keep them simple and all together for your convenience.